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 Samaritan Smiles

We want to share with you an exciting new chapter of our ministry that God has opened doors for us to start doing. We are calling it Samaritan Smiles. Nichole had a calling on her heart back in 2011 to start pursuing education in the medical field so that she could partner with other ministries and offer medical services as a tool to reach people for Christ. There is something amazing that happens when we display the love of Christ to others by caring for their physical needs. The coldest hearts open up and become receptive to hearing about Jesus and that’s what Samaritan Smiles is all about. We want to use the skills of dentistry to open doors and hearts for the singing and preaching of God’s word. We can’t explain how wonderful it is to finally see the vision God laid on her heart now coming into a reality.

With Samaritan Smiles we hope to serve many of the underserved communities in our nation and around the globe. We launched our first trip to South Dakota in June 2019. We partnered with Pastor and Missionary Ken Trivette. Brother Trivette ministers to the people of Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and has established a church there where we set up a mobile dental unit. We also had discipling occurring at the same time while inviting everyone back for a singing and preaching service at the end of our trip. The Pine Ridge Reservation is home to a number of the poorest communities in the United States. One of the counties contained entirely within the reservation boundaries, Oglala Lakota County, ranks as the poorest county in the nation. The teen suicide rate on the reservation is 150% higher than America as a whole, 85% of Lakota families are affected by alcoholism and 50% of adults over the age of 40 have diabetes. These statistics show a group of people who are in desperate need of physical and spiritual help.



So what can you do to help and join us in our new chapter of ministry?

First and foremost we have always and will always covet your prayers for our current music ministry and now also our mission endeavors.

Secondly, we are in need of monetary help to complete out mission projects. Funds will be used to help purchase mobile equipment and supplies as well as to cover expenses to travel to underserved areas. With Nichole being a new graduate from dental school with large amounts of tuition debt, it would be impossible for our ministry to support this project alone. After much negotiation the bare necessities of just the equipment to setup a mobile clinic is in excess of $10,000. This is not including the miscellaneous supplies needed to actually do treatment. The equipment that we purchase now will be used in future trips as well, so your donations towards that will reach many for years to come. Our ministry is recognized as a 501c3, so any donations are tax deductible.

Lastly, we invite you to share our burden with others who are of like minded faith and want to see the unfortunate receive help both physically and spiritually. This is a new ministry effort that is still in the infancy stage and will need help and partners in the days to come.

Most will never go to dental school to gain the skills needed to relieve the hurt and pain that many live with day after day with nothing to turn to but drugs and alcohol. We are willing to go on the behalf of all those who are willing to partner with us. Through your prayers and support we can be your hands and feet to help others.

If you would like to make a donation we have a couple options: 

1) Send a check made out to "Bring Back The Burden Ministries" with "Samartian Smiles" in the memo.

   This can be mailed to PO Box 34 Freedom, IN 47431.

2) You can also give online. Select the "Sponsor a Patient" link at the bottom of the page.                                             

You will receive a donation receipt that you can use when filing your taxes. This can be sent to your email or mailing address.  We thank you in advance for any monetary donation and for you prayers! Please continue to follow us on our Facebook page as we will be sharing news updates on this mission project.

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