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For the past 25 years the Barnett Family has been sharing Christ through music in many ways including revival meetings, youth conferences, and foreign missions. Their musical roots of Bluegrass, Southern Gospel, and Praise & Worship have influenced their sound & creation of original material. This down to earth trio has a musical style that is relatable to a variety of audiences. Corrie, Cole, and his wife Nichole are a musical team with a desire to see individuals reclaim a true passion for their Creator as well as a burden to share His greatness with the world around them.

Corrie//aka Cole's Sister //Song Writer//Vocals

Cole// Vocals// Song Writer// Musician


Nichole//aka Cole's Wife// Vocals


Current Schedule

March 2019

15th - First Baptist of New Chicago

17th PeeWee Valley Baptist Church

24th  Temple Baptist Church  Glasgow, KY

3st  PeeWee Valley Baptist Church

April 2019

21st Ebenezar Baptist Church

May 2019

May 2019

June 2019

5th - 11th Samaritan Smiles Mission Trip to the Pineridge Indian Reservation